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The Matrix Stillness
A non-animated icon contest for The Matrix
19th-Aug-2005 10:10 am - Challenge #31 VOTING
jonas) i'll keep you my dirty secret
Thanks so much everyone! I know palmaceae would be happy that we at least got to 6 entries this week! So here come the voting round and a new challenge will be up soon...

• Vote for your 3 favourite icons using the poll, not comments
• Do not vote for your own icons
• Don't get friends to vote for your icons
Voting closes on Saturday, 20th August

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13th-Aug-2005 07:28 pm - Challenge Reminder
jonas) i'll keep you my dirty secret
Don't forget to get your entries into the latest challenge for the Animatrix. We currently have 4 entries, however, I'd like to see MANY more! I'm hoping to get voting up on Monday so come on people :D ENTER NOW!
9th-Aug-2005 02:14 pm - Winners - Week #30
jonas) i'll keep you my dirty secret
Hey everyone, I'm gothic_nyx and I'll be co-modding while palmaceae is away. First of all, winner of Challenge #30 (since we only had 4 icons submitted), is all_malocks...

Now, Challenge #31 needs HEAPS more entries. We only have 1 so far and the stipulations of the challenge states you can make as many entries as you want from any of The Animatrix movies. So get into it and submit icons, here. I'd also like to point you in a great gallery for Animatrix caps, head right here.

Thanks everyone and get icon-ing!

8th-Aug-2005 04:53 pm(no subject)
sanctuary. helen/nikola. {emily_reich}
gothic_nyx can you please put up the winners from the current voting? i'm too flamboozled to do it. thanks
7th-Aug-2005 08:49 pm - Challenge #31
sanctuary. helen/nikola. {emily_reich}

this challenge is all about

The Animatrix

you can submit as many icons as you like, just they must be from The Animatrix.  This challenge will remain open until I get back, or if we get a co-mod, when they see fit to close it.

I've found some caps here, here and here for you guys to use. Go for it!

7th-Aug-2005 08:47 pm(no subject)
sanctuary. helen/nikola. {emily_reich}

k, there's obviously been a big delay due to lack of entries. and there's going to be a bigger one b/c i'm leaving on a three week trip. so either i can start another wide challenge, and pray that we'll get some entries in 3 weeks, or would s/o want to take over the comm for the next 3 weeks as a co-mod? I need to know asap, since i'm leaving on tues. so if you'd like to be co-mod comment here asap.

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22nd-Jul-2005 05:07 pm(no subject)
sanctuary. helen/nikola. {emily_reich}
Is anyone going to bother to enter? This is a very open challenge.
20th-Jul-2005 04:03 pm - Challenge for Week #30
sanctuary. helen/nikola. {emily_reich}

K, this week's challenge is a character challenge.


You may enter three icons this week. They must include Morpheus as a signifigant part of the icon. Some places to find caps: keanu.org, cap_it

Icons due next Thurs night 7:00 PDT if we get enough entries.

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