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The Matrix Stillness
A non-animated icon contest for The Matrix
27th-Sep-2005 06:43 pm(no subject)
sanctuary. helen/nikola. {emily_reich}
I post a rather decent challenge and two people enter. More folks?
I'd like to do voting soon.
11th-Sep-2005 02:19 pm(no subject)
sanctuary. helen/nikola. {emily_reich}

I can't post winners from the Neo challenge til we get some more votes. Like, everyone, is tied.

vote here please

7th-Sep-2005 09:24 pm(no subject)
sanctuary. helen/nikola. {emily_reich}
Hey guys butterflysxy has generously offered to make banners since I suck at that. If you're the kind of person who likes banners, comment here, so she doesn't have to make loads of extra banners no one ever picks up.

she's already posted a batch of banners here so I advise you to pick those up.

and don't forget to vote !
7th-Sep-2005 11:26 am(no subject)
Me - Butterflysxy
Banners for challenge 29, 30, 31.

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29th-Aug-2005 10:28 pm - Challenge #32 // Reminder!!
jonas) i'll keep you my dirty secret
Don't forget to get your wonderful entries into the Neo challenge which can be found, right here. We have 4 awesome entries so far but I would love to see a few more. Check it out and enter as many times as you like (as long as you don't flood me with 50 or so)...

Enter Now

24th-Aug-2005 12:02 am - Challenge #32 // Neo
jonas) i'll keep you my dirty secret
The challenge this week is going to be LOTS of fun! Because it's all about NEO. Yes, The One, the saviour of the rebel fleet. This round, you can enter as many icons as you want using ANY image of Keanu Reeves as Neo (or Thomas Anderson) from any part of The Matrix Trilogy. Have fun with the challenge and show me some awesome things! Make me go whoa ;)

Check out these places for great images:
Club Keanu
Keanu A-Z

Please reply to this post with your screened entries. This challenge will end Wednesday, 31st August and I'll be nagging people if they don't enter! Thanks guys!

22nd-Aug-2005 01:21 am - Challenge #31 // Winners
jonas) i'll keep you my dirty secret
Congratulations everyone! New challenge will be up tomorrow. I'm thinking Neo.... ;)

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